KNOWN ISSUES - Software version 1.2.2
The current version of miShare's software is 1.2.2. You can confirm the software version of a miShare unit by checking the "miShareSummary" file in the Extras->Notes area on an iPod that has been used by miShare as a target (receiving) iPod. Your miShare unit is designed to accept software updates easily. The following are known issues:
  • Special Characters. When saving files to iPod disk area in 'miShare Music' or 'miShare Videos', if the title, album, or artist contains any special characters (e.g. "+/\:<>?|*) then the special characters will be replaced with a blank space character. Special characters are preserved when writing to iTunesDB.
  • Date Information & Album Cover Art on Copied Files. Album cover art does not copy in the current miShare version. Also copied files have the incorrect date information when viewed in the Finder (Mac) or Windows, Neither issue affects the data contents of the copied file, or playback of the copied file.
  • Power. Hard-drive-based (HDD) iPod models such as the iPod Video and iPod Classic draw extra power when they are not themselves fully charged. Use miShare's power adapter for best results, and avoid operating miShare when the battery charge is low for HDD iPods and miShare itself.
  • Target iPod Corruption. Do not remove the target iPod during miShare operation. Just as when an iPod is attached to a PC or Mac, disconnecting during writing can cause file corruption. To restore a corrupted iPod, reset or reformat.
  • 2003 iPod (3G, with Four Red Lights). This FireWire-based iPod model does not charge from miShare or any other USB connection. Charge using a FireWare cable.
  • Full miShare Battery Discharge. After miShare battery experiences a full discharge it is necessary to plug-in and recharge for at least ten minutes before using miShare again.
  • Target iPod with No Content. miShare cannot write to an iPod that has no files. Use iTunes to copy at least one song or video to the iPod.
  • Maximum of 1,000 Files per Transfer. This limit is imposed by the iPod, which has a 1,000-song maximum for the On-The-Go playlist.
  • iPhone and iPod Touch. miShare does not currently work with the distinctive disk format of the iPhone or iPod Touch. A firmware update is in future development. Firmware updates can be downloaded from and installed by the user on the existing miShare device.
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