All miShare units are shipping with v1.2.2 software. Share files faster, with new features for managing synchronized and very large media collections.

With this software update, it is no longer necessary for the target iPod to be "manually managed" in order for the files to be available for immediate use after using miShare. Also, earlier problems using miShare with iPods that have more than 5,000 songs have been rectified. Be advised though - if miShare detects a target iPod with more than 5,000 songs, it will only copy files to the target iPod's disk area. Functionality has changed so that now a short button press copies the On-The-Go playlist and long button press (3 seconds) forces miShare to write to the target iPod's database regardless of how many songs are on it, guaranteeing files for immediate use. In summary:
  • Short button press copies On-The-Go Playlist
  • Long button press copies On-The-Go Playlist and overrides 5,000 song limit on target iPod
  • Now able to read from source iPod that has an unlimited number of songs and videos
  • Now able to write to target iPod that has an unlimited number of songs and videos
  • On iPods with less than 5,000 songs and videos, content is now immediately available for use on the iPod even if it is synchronized with iTunes
  • Advanced configuration options
  • Speed and stability improvements
Copy updater files from computer to iPod

1. Download this file: http://www.mishare.com/miShareSoftware-1.2.2.zip

2. Attach an iPod to your computer. The iPod must mount as a disk volume and be visible from the file system. If the iPod does not appear, run the iTunes program on the computer and check the settings for the iPod, "Enable disk use," for the iPod should be turned on with a check mark. (http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=61131)

3. From the file system, unzip the file miShareSoftware-1.2.2.zip to the disk area of the iPod. The files should not be in any subfolder or file directory. The iTunes program is not involved in this step.

4. Eject the iPod from the computer. One easy way to do this is from within iTunes. Once the iPod screen indicates it is no longer connected to the computer (e.g. it goes back to the regular main menu), detach the iPod.
Update miShare with updater files from iPod

5. Confirm that the miShare unit is off and attached to AC power (i.e. not running from battery alone). Now that the iPod has the updater files, attach it to left-hand side (source) of miShare.

6. Press and hold miShare's only button, and turn on miShare. Keep holding the button down. miShare will start up and mount the attached iPod, and then all three lights on the front of miShare will blink red. Keep the button down until you see all three blinking lights!

7. Release the miShare button, and wait about 30 seconds while miShare updates. miShare will reboot again (you may have to manually reboot it after 3 minutes if it does not reboot automatically).

8. miShare 1.2.2 update is complete & ready for use. You can confirm the new version by using miShare and when it's finished, look at the target iPod in:

Extras > Notes > miShareLog

How do I identify the version of the software running on miShare?
There are two ways to identify the version of the software running on miShare. The first way is to watch the blinking lights when miShare starts up. If the left and right arrows blink green a couple of times before going red, then it's running version 1.2.2. If the arrow lights go directly to red, then it's running version 1.1.1.
Here's a video of miShare 1.2.2 starting up, as described above:
The other way to find out is to actually use miShare and then check for a file called miShareSummary in:


Wondering where those files are? How to view them? Here's some help from Apple - Storing and reading notes with your iPod
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